PowerPort Announces Kickstarter Campaign for Their All-In-One Laptop Charger and Docking Station

August 27 13:16 2019
PowerPort Announces Kickstarter Campaign for Their All-In-One Laptop Charger and Docking Station
Everyone has issues with excess cables on their desktop. PowerPort offers a lightweight and simple device that brings out the full potential in every laptop

Working on a laptop can most times be challenging, especially when you have to deal with multiple cable connections. Now, there is a new company working to help eliminate cord issues and bring out the best out of a laptop.

PowerPort introduces its All-In-One Laptop Charger and Docking Station designed for the modern workplace. The 2-in-1 AC charger and hub help to make digital life more convenient and effective, with its numerous powerful features.

Some of the features include the presence of ports like AC input, USB, HDMI, SD Card, Type C, and so on. It charges different brands of laptops including Mac and PC and makes it easy for a powerful presentation powered by the phone.

To support the project, please visit their Kickstarter Page.

PowerPort is the kind of device that is required to meet the speed needed to deliver quick results in the modern workplace. Too many cables on the desktop can be confusing, stressful, and distracting. It may also lead to cluster, thereby diminishing the aesthetic value of the office.

With PowerPort, there will definitely be less need for cables. Also, it is lightweight and less bulky, compared to other products of the same functionality. It’s so small that it can easily be carried around in a backpack or pocket, making it a powerful mobile laptop peripheral device with the capacity to add so much value to productivity.

With about eight ports, every laptop can now work to their full potential. Users can connect a monitor, projector, SD, TF card, Ethernet, flash drives, hard drives, keyboards, mice and game controllers to a laptop, notebook, tablet, smartphone and more. Stream 4K UHD video to the big screen without worrying about power drain, share photos instantly at record speed using two USB 3.0 ports and reach up to 1000Mbps through the stable Ethernet connection.

Gamers have got a new powerful companion in this amazing device as they can now enjoy mobile games with PC experience. All they have to do is connect with HDMI and USB ports for an external mouse, keyboards, and monitor. This will allow them to do all sorts of things including edit documents, send emails and transfer files.

There are five different option for supports to get involved with the product on Kickstarter, ranging from $59 to $199 or more. Each pack comes with its own benefits but all of them are offering an opportunity to have PowerPort early, at a much-reduced price.

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