Tuell-McKee Offering Different Funeral Services For Families

January 02 14:39 2020
Tuell-McKee Offering Different Funeral Services For Families

They say that the three most stressful events that can occur in one’s life are moving to a new home, getting divorced, or having a loved one pass away. The latter can be especially difficult; in addition to the stress, there is grief, too. As a result, the less stressful the post-death obligations, the better. Tuell-McKee Funeral & Cremation Services can help. They have a long list of services to make the planning process easier, be it through pre-death planning, online scheduling, or their diverse selection of arrangements.

The Internet is the Future, Even for Funerals

The internet is everywhere these days. It’s in your pocket and even in your refrigerator. Now, it is in your funeral directory too. Through Tuell-McKee’s website – https://www.tuellmckee.com/ – you can set appointments, look at their catalog, read obituaries, and more. They even have different guides depending on how much time you have before the funeral.

Planning Ahead Makes It Easier

While it may be difficult, it makes it easier for your loved ones if you plan your own funeral. Not only does it help them, but it can also help you. With Tuell-McKee, you can set aside funds for your own funeral and design the ceremony however you wish. By planning it beforehand, you can make sure that your wishes are fulfilled. It can make it more affordable, too.

They Can Help You Get Through This

Tuell-McKee doesn’t just take care of the dead — they take care of the living, too. They can provide several resources to help grievers cope with the pain of losing a loved one. They have a grief library, connections with local support groups, and guides on planning a funeral. They view you as more than just a customer; to Tuell-McKee, you are a human going through one of the hardest moments of your life.

They’ve Got Lots of Options

From simple no-frills burials to all-out cremation ceremonies with snacks and services, they can help you plan whatever type of funeral you have in mind. They also supply a plethora of ash receptacles, so you don’t have to use a coffee can.

One of the most compelling reasons to go with Tuell-McKee is that it is a family-run institution that supports other local businesses. They service all faiths and backgrounds, too. They have been voted the #1 funeral home in Washington state by the Veterans Administration and Tahoma National Cemetery. They have also been ranked the #1 funeral home in Tacoma, Washington. So not only does Tuell-McKee have a range of services, they also have an award-winning reputation for quality.

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