November 20 13:42 2019

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show over 42,000 people getting Lyme disease each year – and those are only the reported cases. Many more people suffer from symptoms that go undiagnosed. Judy Siegfried has been through the experience and just released her latest eBook, “The Pattern of Healing Lyme Disease.” The book takes you through her journey of healing and addresses common problems associated with Lyme Disease and how she handled them.

No matter what you are healing from, the process is a journey. Lyme disease is not as straight-forward as getting a diagnosis.  It’s a very controversial and hotly debated subject in western medicine.  Even now, people suffer from undiagnosed symptoms. Antibiotics only help so much – and sometimes they do not help at all. Constantly being in pain cannot be the answer. Judy provides personal stories and insights that take a drug-free angle. Current customers sleep better and have noticed remarkable improvements in their pain and attitudes.

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“I had an illness that was making me less and less human all the time.” In her blog posts and in her eBook, Judy explains the frustrations of brain fog, paranoia, fatigue, and hypothermia. She shows what she lost – and gained – from this pattern of healing.

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