November 05 01:14 2019

November 4, 2019 – Inspirational Providence-based indie band “John Lebanon” releases another powerful music single titled – “All of Them Means All of Them.” The sonorous single with strong meaningful lyrics and the sound of a protest song was inspired by the activities of the Lebanese revolution. The song was released in Arabic language but has French and English lyrics.

The music represents the voice of many who are desperately wishing for better days. It says exactly what is at the heart this revolution– Accountability. The beat at the beginning takes its time to form to represent the different communities in Lebanon and to signify the momentum built during the 2019 October Lebanese revolution. Some parts of the song’s lyrics translate to:

A caged bird sings, I need to break free
And the bird was starved of exploitation and misery
Until it became so skinny
And was able to sneak between the prison bars and fly out
It sings freedom, accountability for all
The bird is now stronger and its size grows larger every day
It sings: I will never go back to that cage
I am free
Accountability for all
All of them means all of them.

While discussing the motivation behind the song and the message that the song is meant to convey, the band spokesperson Roy S, MD affirmed that all everyone wants now is progress.

“The soundtrack captures the bravery, struggle and the perseverance of the Lebanese patriots, my family, my friends who took to the streets in Beirut and all over the world to protest the decadence and gluttonous leadership that has been in power for almost thirty years.

“It took 12 days for the government to resign and today we hope for a peaceful transition. All holders of public office must be held accountable… All of them mean all of them – and that is the title of the song.” – Roy S, MD.

The music single “All of Them Means All of Them” was composed by Pierre Souaid and John Lebanon. The song is a collaboration of passionate musicians from New England with sounds and samples from Beirut, Lebanon and from Europe (France, Switzerland, Germany, and Ireland), perfectly mixed with samples from friends in Dubai.

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